Ricoh Intelligent Technology

IM C2000 / C2500 / C3000 / C3500 / C4500 / C6000

Introducing RICOH Intelligent Devices

Whether your needs evolve over time or you have to pivot quickly, your technology should not be static. If it is, you’re stuck. RICOH Intelligent Devices give you a scalable platform that adapts, adds capability, stays current and remains secured. RICOH Intelligent MFPs and our Intelligent Printers are smart investments, because they grow with you.

A platform for digital transformation

RICOH Intelligent Devices are designed to bring progressive value, no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey. They provide a foundation for process improvement across your organization — ready to meet your needs as you look to go deeper and do more. With our proactive approach to security, you don’t need to worry whether your device is introducing security vulnerabilities. We’re also leading the way in preventative support, remote assistance and rapid response to eliminate downtime. Your users will love our enhanced graphical interface that adapts to who they are and what they do. As organizations look to use digital processes to be more efficient and transform their operations, RICOH Intelligent Devices function as data processing workhorses to convert documents and send the data where it’s needed.

RICOH Always Current Technology

Instead of purchasing a brand new device to gain the latest functions, you can activate desired features and download applications and upgrades as you need them. There’s no need to call a technician or wait until the end of a contract to take advantage of the latest advancements in imaging technology. Easily add new capabilities to keep up with changing productivity demands. With RICOH Always Current Technology, the capabilities of RICOH Intelligent Devices can grow with you

RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions

Boost your digital productivity and improve processes. Send data directly into internal systems or popular cloud accounts and third-party apps — such as SharePoint®, OneDrive® for Business, Google Drive™, Dropbox™ and Box™. Our RICOH Intelligent Devices come with Smart Integration to RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions. Take advantage of cloud workflows that reduce manual data entry and improve speed. Intelligently process scanned documents by organizing and routing to local folders or multiple destinations. Ricoh can also activate your own document management, archiving and retrieval account. It’s easy to start, with no complex IT requirements.

Simplicity for users

Productivity rises when technology performs — and when using it is a positive experience. Ricoh’s latest generation Smart Operation Panel features a simple, clutter free, enhanced user interface that provides a seamless experience on RICOH Intelligent Devices. The touch panel is fast and fluid. Users can tap, flick and swipe smoothly between screens, and workflow applications open quickly. Clean, visual buttons are featured, processes are intuitive and the user interface can be customized to ensure consistency and save users steps.

RICOH Intelligent Support

Our set of intelligent support capabilities minimize downtime and enable maximum availability. For example, Automatic Remote Firmware Updates (ARFU) can be activated to proactively protect devices. With RemoteConnect Support, our service specialists can remotely access your RICOH Intelligent Devices and fix issues. Your in-house IT staff also have the ability to resolve issues over the company network with the intuitive Remote Panel Operation tool. We’ve also made it easy for users to complete simple tasks — like toner replacement — themselves. Self-service options include: easy access to web help and watching how-to videos on the Smart Operation Panel.

Robust Security built right in

Our Intelligent Devices demonstrate our commitment to protecting your devices, data and networks. The Ricoh-only operating system helps provide control and insulation from OS-specific threats. Digital signatures are used to verify firmware validity, while a Trusted Platform Module validates the core controller programs and is designed not to boot up if a compromise is detected. Security features — such as encryption, authentication and data overwrite — help protect your data without hindering your business processes or productivity. Our Printers & MFPs also meet the IEEE 2600 requirements for security features used by devices that require a high level of document security.

Superior Technology

• Print/copy/scan/fax
• Print speeds of 20/25/30/35/45/60 ppm
• Exceptional print quality — sharp text and brilliant color
• Flexible finishing and paper tray options — internal multi-folding, internal finisher, stapleless binding, saddle finishing and more
• 10.1” touch screen Smart Operation Panel — simple, fast and customizable user interface
• Faster scan speed via a single pass document feeder (30-60ppm)
• Seamless mobile connectivity — print, scan and work with documents on the go
• RICOH Always Current Technology — scalable technology that lets you add capability when needed
• Cloud Workflows — scan directly to popular cloud services plus intelligent document and data processing
• Robust device and information security built right in
• RICOH Intelligent Support — tools & capabilities to help prevent and minimize downtime
• Eco features — sustainable operation that lowers CO2 footprint

Get productivity with environmental sustainability

RICOH Intelligent Devices can enhance the environmental sustainability of your workplace through eco-friendly printing and greener digital processes.

Eco excellence by design
RICOH Intelligent Devices are designed for sustainability from manufacturing through their lifecycle. These devices are ENERGY STAR® certified and have earned an EPEAT Gold rating*. Advanced energy management features include: motion sensors that detect a user’s presence, Quick Start-Up and low sleep mode electricity consumption.
Lower CO2 footprint
Eco-friendly printing reduces use of paper and printing consumables. Transitioning from paper-based procedures to digital processes also reduces your carbon footprint and improves your business.
Responsible recycling
We offer take-back programs to ensure responsible consumables recycling and end-of-life product management.

New Ricoh Black and White Copiers are Here!

The New RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series Black and White Copiers and MFP’s

Ricoh Copier

Ricoh has introduced three terrific new black and white copiers, or multifunction MFPs for offices and workgroups wishing to improve their information mobility in the new age of work.

Pacific ConnecTeq is proud to offer and support these great new models!

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In addition to streamlining 11” x 17” printing, scanning, copying and optional faxing, the new
RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series enables easy document printing from mobile devices, cloud-based document management, and promotes cost reduction through energy efficiency.

Rob Scalfaro, Vice-President of Pacific ConnecTeq said “These new Black and White Copiers and MFP’s are absolutely, spec for spec, the best models on the market today!”

The new Ricoh Black and White Copiers, which print at 40, 50 and 60 pages per minute respectively, offer up to 1,200 dpi in a space-saving eco-friendly design. A standard 220-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF) scans up to 180 color or black-and-white images per minute from paper documents, optionally creating text-searchable PDF files through optical character recognition (OCR).

These MFPs are designed to help organizations achieve new levels of information mobility by easily placing important business information in the right workers’ hands at the right time.

One of the major Buzz-Words for 2015 is mobile computing. The RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series enables workers to use the new Ricoh Smart Device Connector app (available for iOS or Android) to copy, print, scan and fax directly from their smart device. They simply touch their smart device to the NFC tag on the MFPs’ optional Smart Operation Panel or scan the QR Code to automatically connect to the MFPs to access these functions.

One of the MFPs’ most popular options is the Smart Operation Panel, which offers users a tablet-like drag-and-drop, pinch-flick-and-swipe navigation experience on a 10.1-inch Super VGA display. The interface includes an advanced Web browser enabling connection to Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE).

The series’ energy-efficient engineering softens its environmental impact, earning the platform ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold certification. The optional Smart Operation Panel includes an eco-friendly indicator to warn of excessive paper usage, resulting is huge cost savings. A range of authentication options, including card authentication and PIN code, help ensure information gets to the right people. The new MFPs include a wide variety of finishing options to suit any office environment.

The MFPs are available now and the pricing is spectacular.

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For details on Ricoh’s full line of products, services and solutions, please visit Pacific ConnecTeq, or call us at (562) 800-0260 today!

The Dark Side of Copier Leases

If your company is like most, you leased your copier. These leases are a convenient and cost Copier Leaseeffective way to get the latest technology at an affordable price. But there is a dark side to many of these agreements that you need to be aware of.

Many copier leases have an “Evergreen Clause” buried in the fine print. Don’t be fooled by the friendly sounding name, the evergreen clause is a tricky and unwelcome intruder into your company’s financial structure.

The evergreen clause typically requires you to notify the leasing company in writing, during the last 60 to 90 days of the lease term of your intention Not to continue paying the monthly obligation. That’s right, you’ve made all of your payments as agreed and if YOU don’t tell the leasing company to stop billing you, they may not.
Many times these evergreen clauses contractually obligate you to another 12 monthly payments and you may not even be aware of it! The invoices continue to come just as they always have and your A/P department continues to pay them just as they always have.

Why do companies inadvertently allow this to happen?

The first reason is that it the person who signed the original copier lease may no longer be with the company. This happens very frequently with no one else at the company even aware that the lease is nearing the end of the original term. This is dangerous and can lead to huge and unnecessary expenditures on old and obsolete equipment.

The second common reason is simply that it’s not a high priority. A copier is leased approximately every 48 to 60 months, so tracking the lease simply isn’t top-of-mind. It’s like an old piece of furniture that just blends into the background, except this one has a monthly payment attached to it.

What should you do today?

Find the original copy of your lease agreement. Look for the origination date and the term, usually 36, 48 or 60 months. If you are in the last nine months of the term, assign someone to take on the project of researching the options making sure the evergreen clause doesn’t kick in. If you can’t find the original lease call the leasing company for a copy, their phone number is on your billing statement.

If the termination date of the lease is twelve months or more away, create an alarm in your email or other calendaring system. Set the alarm to notify you and other stakeholders approximately nine months prior to the end date to begin the process of looking into what’s new and relevant to your company. These stakeholders typically include I.T. Directors, CFO’s, department heads and others who depend upon this equipment to keep the document workflows moving efficiently.

Don’t let the evergreen clause cast a shadow over you. If you are nearing the end of the copier lease, you are likely to want a newer, more feature rich model. But without being aware of your lease term you just may find yourself up a tree!

Is Your Data At Risk?

Today we all understand the importance of Data Security, but are we overlooking risks to our business which can easily be avoided?

We take precautions so we don’t have our PIN numbers stolen, and we shred other personal information which could be used against us. But what about the information which runs through our company day in and day out over the years?.

There are ways to steal personal or financial information that many of us are unaware of. Just one small mistake in data security can result in a huge disaster.

Data Theft can happen from places that you may not normally think about. Does your company use a copiers? Of course it does, and this can be one of the easiest places for a thief or a hacker to access your data. In fact, your information could be at a higher level of risk than you ever thought.

How is this possible?

Every digital copier has a hard drive. On this hard drive is a copy of every image that has ever been scanned, copied or printed on that device.

Most people don’t know that digital copiers contain hard drives, usually they go completely unnoticed. Studies show that 60% of Americans today have no clue that their digital copiers even have hard drives.

From HR files to medical records, financial data to passwords, the hard drive on your copier is a criminal’s playground. This isn’t much of an issue while the copier or MFP is in your office being used on a day-to-day basis. The problem arises when the copier is upgraded. The shiny new model arrives and the tired old beast is bid farewell. As the old copier leaves the security of the office, your data leaves with it.

This is a big problem, what should I do about data security?

At Pacific Connecteq we have you covered. We know that just “Deleting” files is a useless waste of time, leaving your data completely recoverable by the bad guys.  For true data security the hard drive must be wiped.

Wiping a hard drive is a very different process that merely deleting files. Deleted files are actually still resident on the storage device. A hard drive that has been wiped renders your files and documents unrecoverable and eliminates the risk of stolen data.

Pacific Connecteq offers a comprehensive Hard Drive Wiping service, complete with a certificate of data destruction. We offer two levels of service to choose from. The first level DoD Clear and the second is DoD Sanitize. These are both Department of Defense certified processes and provide peace of mind that your data is no longer a threat to you.

Ask our representative which level is right for you. We provide these services in quick, secure and cost effective packages.

Don’t allow your data to be used against you. Call us today at (310) 561-8055.


What is an MFP?

Don’t call it a copier, its an MFP!What is an MFP?

So what’s the difference, you ask? Plenty!

First, a copier… well… it copies and that’s all it does. What good is that?

An MFP, short for Multifunctional Printer is an entirely different thing. Yes it copies, but that’s just the beginning. In the long run, that’s probably the thing that it will do the least of!

The MFP can Copy, Print, Scan, Store and sometimes Fax. The MFP is a highly powered “Peripheral” device which replaces multiple devices and integrates them seamlessly into one centralized point. The MFP is the main I/O (Input/Output) device for managing the flow of documents into and out of your computer network.

But it gets better!

Today’s better MFPs are also “Web Enabled”. What does this mean to you and your co-workers? well, to begin with you are now able to access “Cloud Services” and utilize Mobile Printing. These two innovations take productivity and utility to new highs. Imagine the possibilities!

From remote workers to sales forces working in a client’s office, all of the data they require to work at their peak levels are available, on demand! How about printing documents to the MFP even though you may be hundreds of miles away? Let’s do it!

Then there is Document Management. Scanning, Storing, Retrieving and Archiving. The MFP is the hub through which these processes are enabled and made to be user friendly. Good Stuff!

Do all MFPs do all of these functions you ask? No. In evaluating what is the best MFP for your organization, you need to look beyond what you think you need right now. You need to pull out your crystal ball and look into the future. OK, maybe not that, but you do need to imagine possibilities and try your best to “Future-Proof” yourself before investing your money in a solution.

The best way to gain the knowledge and insights you need in order to make a truly informed decision is to work with a high quality, knowledgeable and fully-authorized MFP dealership. The consultant from an organization like this will take the time to review your current and future needs, making a recommendation based upon these findings. This is valuable information and time well spent.

Here at Pacific ConnecTeq, our staff is comprised of industry veterans who are committed to establishing a long-term and productive relationship with you, our client.Our strategy is simple. If you feel we’ve done our job well, you’ll continue to not only work with us into the future, but you will refer your friends and associates to us as well. That’s how we work.

Call us at (310) 561-8055, or request a call back by clicking here.

We look forward to getting to know you!