St. Patrick vs Coronavirus?

As a young child I was told the story of St.Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland. The nation was becoming over-run with the reptiles and the problem was only getting worse, something had to be done before the problem became out of control.

Imagine a country over-run with snakes. People would be afraid to venture outside for fear of the snakes and the government might even need to intervene. I’m seeing a parallel, The virus we are dealing with right now is our modern version of Ireland’s snakes. But who will be our St. Patrick ?

The answer is all of us. We are all being charged with doing our part to minimize and eventually eradicate the problem we face. We’ll do it.

With that said, life and business must go on, responsibly. Pacific Connecteq will remain open and at your service throughout these trying times. You can count on us. In addition to Copiers and Printers, we offer many solutions to facilitate your remote workers (working on the road or from home).

Call Rob Scalfaro at (562) 800-0260 to find out more!

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