Why do companies hesitate to upgrade their multifunction and printer fleet? Often they believe that they are saving money by just persevering with the same old devices.

The assumption is that up-to-date equipment will bring additional expenses. Any cost analyst will tell you that it’s not so. Firstly, technologies have advanced so far that it’s actually more costly to retain and use the old devices than it would otherwise to upgrade to the current and more advanced technologies.

New copiers and printers are so advanced that they not only allow us to increase and widen our productivity, but also enhanced the quality and image of our production that ultimate contribute to the organization’s reputation. Our new technologies use less power, are faster and can connect with the other current technologies and netspace. They are more efficient, and reduce paper jams, toner waste, paper waste, and loss staff productivity. They have greater capabilities and quicker response. This ultimately equates to less of our employees’ time handling paper, waiting, and fussing with inept technologies and more time focus on running the business.

In addition, our custom document programs allow you optimizing the number of devices in your environment deploying the more appropriate MFDs and printers within each eco-space.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to understand your business and goals so to customize the best solution for you and your business. Our consultations are complimentary. Don’t wait!

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