MP C307

Bring colorful multifunction performance to the desktop

You may be limited by space, but you’re not limited in what you can do. With the compact Ricoh MP C307 multifunction printer, you can combine power and versatility with an intuitive touchscreen control panel to print, copy, scan and fax documents up to 8.5” x 14” with ease.
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Put productivity at your fingertips

With the compact Ricoh MP C307 multifunction printer, you can capture, transform and share information with the familiar drag-and-drop, pinch-and-click, and swipe scrolling you use every day on your smartphone or tablet.

Access key functions and transition between jobs quickly via the 10.1” wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel. Create one-touch shortcuts to expedite everyday workflows. Add widgets to see key data. And use Quick Copy, Quick Fax and Quick Scan to perform your tasks with fewer steps.

Accommodate your audience

When you have a great idea, you want your audience to see the same thing you do. So share it in the format they prefer. Print, copy and scan in brilliant color in sizes up to 8.5” x 14” without compromising image quality — and on a variety of media from multiple paper sources.

Work on the move

Get information in front of others in seconds by using your personal mobile device to print via the MP C307. Send print jobs to the MFP and pick them up at your convenience with a release code. Carry your documents on your handheld device instead of a pile of cumbersome paperwork. You can also scan to and print from SD or USB media.

Save your energy

Use the MP C307’s class-leading Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) to minimize energy consumption and help reduce operating costs. Take advantage of fast recovery from Sleep Mode and fast first-print time to curb energy without compromising productivity. You can even program the device to power on or off at specified times to conserve energy. Plus, the system is ENERGY STAR® certified and meets EPEAT® Gold* criteria.

*EPEAT rating is applicable only in the USA

Improve security and lower costs

With user authentication, you can help steer your information to its rightful audience with speed and precision. Workers have to enter a passcode or swipe their smart identity cards to access MFP functions and release jobs. Restrict specific users from specific tasks, such as color printing, to help reduce costs. Plus, you can set output quotas to minimize unnecessary printing. And with the standard DOSS feature, any data left on the hard drive is overwritten and rendered unreadable at the end of each job.

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