To Print or Not to Print

To Print or Not to Print?
That is the question!

We are seeing tremendous advances in imaging (printing) technologies for the office today. But at the same time we’re hearing all of this talk about going “paperless”, right? So how do we sort through the alternatives and find the best solutions?

First, in my opinion “paperless” doesn’t mean “no paper“, it can mean “less paper” or possibly different kinds of printing. Let me explain.

While it’s true that we can reduce the amount of printing related to operational functions such as invoicing and other tasks which can benefit from electronic distribution and workflow, other items are actually increasing in volume. As an example, marketing materials have traditionally been outsourced to print shops because the quality of the output on the color copiers wasn’t quite up to the standards we desire. Those days are over.

Today’s Multi-Functional Printers (previously known as copiers) produce output so good that they are now being used by the very print shops we used to outsource to. The truth is that today’s marketing and sales departments need to be more nimble, targeted and responsive than in the past. Short runs and personalized messages are now the norm and the MFP is firmly at the heart of this movement.

Scanning is the next part of this puzzle. It’s no longer a question of “Are you scanning?” but “How much and what kinds of scanning are you doing?”. The newest MFP’s provide many advanced scanning functions, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Just like other “smart devices” today’s best MFP’s can be loaded with apps (applications, for those of us over 40) which open up limitless possibilities. Scan to the cloud? Sure! Print from remote locations? Absolutely! Route documents to people or departments with traceability and version control? Simple!

Oh, let’s not forget about COLOR! Color has taken over as the number one way to enhance the impact and appeal of documents, business communications, presentations and marketing materials. As short as four or five years ago, color was inconsistent, inaccurate and expensive. Those days are gone. Today’s color MFP’s offer world class color at unbelievably low cost. Small businesses can now look as good as their larger competitors and project a first class image to prospects, clients and partners.

So back to our original question, I think the answer is plain to see. Yes, we want to eliminate unnecessary printing and use our time and resources in a smarter way. We print to communicate and to grow our businesses. Moving toward thinking about printing differently is the smart, profitable choice and we can help.

Pacific Connecteq is here for you. We offer advanced technologies in a friendly and understandable way. We know that while you do want to print, scan, copy and fax, you don’t want to be burdened with a steep learning curve or confusing processes. Our job is to help you to identify the best solutions for your business and make it work for you.

Call us today at (562) 800-0260 to find out how much smarter you could be working!

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