New Website, New Look

Dateline August 31, 2018

Today at Pacific Connecteq we re-launched our website with an entirely new look, feel and interactive interface.

The new version of our website replaces a site which was constructed nearly five years ago. While it was perfectly fine in 2013, it was showing its age here in 2018. When designing the new website we decided to go for a brighter feeling with an abundant use of white-space. The old version seemed to dark, which was a popular look for technology sites back then. We wanted something which better represented the company culture, bright, optimistic and efficient.

The Home Page of any website is the most common entry point and is therefore vital to the acceptance of the visitor. As one may expect, the majority of planning time was spent making the Home Page inviting and intuitive. We also had to balance this design objective with the need to provide pertinent information and pathways to deeper information the user is looking for.

We hope users find the re-designed site to be friendly, informational and interesting. We know that a website is always a work-in-progress, so we encourage you to leave feedback so that we might have better insights on how to continue improving nd updating!

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