Help! Why Are My Scans So Slow?

I visited with a prospective client today and I heard a very familiar complaint.

This particular client is a good sized Law Firm and they scan EVERYTHING!

We were sitting in a very well appointed meeting room, at a conference table as long as a limousine when she asked me a question I’ve been hearing more and more as of late.

“My scans used to get to my computer, or through email so quickly, but now they are taking so long. Why?”

I told her there are two main reasons why this can happen. The first reason is that older scanners use older scanning drivers, which may not completely communicate properly with Windows 10 or the latest iOS. New models use compliant drivers and scan much more quickly.

Secondly, older copiers and MFPs like hers tend to have 10/100 Ethernet connections as opposed to new models featuring Gigabit throughput. The difference in performance is night-and-day. As we continue to scan more, the speed or lack of speed can be quite noticeable.

So what’s the solution?

The solution to faster scanning is really quite simple, and logical. If you are connecting old technology to a modern network, the weakest link will create a bottleneck and slow the entire system down. There is really no way around this.

This should be good news in all actuality. An MFP which offers faster scanning and printing will not only reduce frustration but will optimize your infrastructure and help to make your entire staff more productive and efficient.

If your copier/scanner is slowing you down, or if you’d just like if there is something better out there (there is!) just give us a call here at Pacific Connecteq (562) 800-0260. We’ll be happy to help!


We were recently contacted by a company with an older printer/scanner. They had been scanning just fine, up until one day when it just wouldn’t work.

A technician from their existing vendor came out and had a look. They were told that the old system had just reached the point where it could no longer communicate with their more modern server. This happens rarely, but it does happen.

We helped get them into a newer model and the additional features they now enjoy made the transition well worth their while. If this sounds familiar to you, let us know, we would love to help!

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