Is Your Data At Risk?

Today we all understand the importance of Data Security, but are we overlooking risks to our business which can easily be avoided?

We take precautions so we don’t have our PIN numbers stolen, and we shred other personal information which could be used against us. But what about the information which runs through our company day in and day out over the years?.

There are ways to steal personal or financial information that many of us are unaware of. Just one small mistake in data security can result in a huge disaster.

Data Theft can happen from places that you may not normally think about. Does your company use a copiers? Of course it does, and this can be one of the easiest places for a thief or a hacker to access your data. In fact, your information could be at a higher level of risk than you ever thought.

How is this possible?

Every digital copier has a hard drive. On this hard drive is a copy of every image that has ever been scanned, copied or printed on that device.

Most people don’t know that digital copiers contain hard drives, usually they go completely unnoticed. Studies show that 60% of Americans today have no clue that their digital copiers even have hard drives.

From HR files to medical records, financial data to passwords, the hard drive on your copier is a criminal’s playground. This isn’t much of an issue while the copier or MFP is in your office being used on a day-to-day basis. The problem arises when the copier is upgraded. The shiny new model arrives and the tired old beast is bid farewell. As the old copier leaves the security of the office, your data leaves with it.

This is a big problem, what should I do about data security?

At Pacific Connecteq we have you covered. We know that just “Deleting” files is a useless waste of time, leaving your data completely recoverable by the bad guys.  For true data security the hard drive must be wiped.

Wiping a hard drive is a very different process that merely deleting files. Deleted files are actually still resident on the storage device. A hard drive that has been wiped renders your files and documents unrecoverable and eliminates the risk of stolen data.

Pacific Connecteq offers a comprehensive Hard Drive Wiping service, complete with a certificate of data destruction. We offer two levels of service to choose from. The first level DoD Clear and the second is DoD Sanitize. These are both Department of Defense certified processes and provide peace of mind that your data is no longer a threat to you.

Ask our representative which level is right for you. We provide these services in quick, secure and cost effective packages.

Don’t allow your data to be used against you. Call us today at (310) 561-8055.


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