Cutting the Cost of Office Printing

One of the largest uncontrolled expenses in most offices is printing and copying.

At first glance you may think that each print is only pennies, but don’t be fooled. When multiplied by the thousands of pages printed in the average office, hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month are spent. Some of it is necessary but much of it is simply wasted.

How can you control this out-flow of money without limiting productivity or spending valuable time reviewing usage reports and setting limits?

The answer is quite simple. Many of today’s MFP’s (Copiers to most of us) are capable of using embedded aps, much like a mobile phone or iPad. These aps can fully automate and monitor copying and printing for you.

Imaging you are printing a 90 page document to your desktop printer. Do you know that the cost-per-page is 3.5 cents, but on the larger office MFP it is only 1 cent? The difference on this document alone is $2.25! What if you press the print button and a pop-up askes you:

“You will save $2.25 if you print to the Ricoh MP C4504 instead of the HP. Would you like to route this job to that device?”

Or what if you would like all employees to print 2-sided in order to cut down on paper usage? When they send a single sided print job they can get a similar prompt asking them if they would like to print this job 2-sided and show the corresponding savings, not only in money but environmentally as well.

These are only two examples out of many, but simply multiply this by the hundreds of documents being printed each month and the potential savings really come into focus.

What about reporting you ask?

That’s where things really come together in a verifiable and tangible way. From the administrator’s computer, detailed reports can be generated as desired. This not only shows true savings but provides opportunity to make fine adjustments to the processes in place, further increasing productivity and cost reduction.

Pacific Connecteq, your Authorized Ricoh Dealership is here to help. Call us any time at (562) 800-0260 and we’ll talk with you about just how effective and easy it is to control your costs, increase productivity and be more environmental at the same time.

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