Customer Support

Pacific ConnecTeq Customer Support

Pacific ConnecTeq Customer  Support is second to none!

Our staff isn’t happy until you’re happy.

We believe that offering great products and services in a knowledgeable and helpful way is how we establish ties with new clients, but we also know that it’s great Customer Support that maintains that relationship.

Everyone in our organization is a Customer Support person first. That means that when you have a question, the person you’re talking to will do whatever it takes to get you an accurate and understandable answer. How can we help you today?

  • Product Inquiry
  • Service Request
  • Billing Question
  • Supply Request
  • General Question

You are encouraged to call our office at (310) 561-8055 during normal business hours for a fast, friendly answer to your questions. You can also CLICK HERE to communicate with us via our web based contact page.

We’re looking forward to working with you!