The New Ricoh MP C4504ex is Here!

Ricoh MP C4504

With the introduction of the new Ricoh MP C4504ex, the best 45ppm MFP on the market just got better!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new Smart Operation Panel. This powerful yet intuitive control panel opens up a world of possibilities for you.MP C4504 Smart Operation Panel

From mobile printing to cloud services, the Smart Operation Panel will bring you into the future and do wonders for your office’s productivity.

Work where and when you want

Download the Ricoh Smart Device Connector App to connect to the MP C4504ex without drivers, utilities or software. Use your personal mobile device to access information in the cloud and print it at the device. Use your own personal address book to share it with others. Or, scan an original at the MFP and send it to your device and take it with you. With a dual network port, you can even connect to and work on multiple networks simultaneously. Continue reading “The New Ricoh MP C4504ex is Here!”

New Website, New Look

Dateline August 31, 2018

Today at Pacific Connecteq we re-launched our website with an entirely new look, feel and interactive interface.

The new version of our website replaces a site which was constructed nearly five years ago. While it was perfectly fine in 2013, it was showing its age here in 2018. When designing the new website we decided to go for a brighter feeling with an abundant use of white-space. The old version seemed to dark, which was a popular look for technology sites back then. We wanted something which better represented the company culture, bright, optimistic and efficient.

The Home Page of any website is the most common entry point and is therefore vital to the acceptance of the visitor. As one may expect, the majority of planning time was spent making the Home Page inviting and intuitive. We also had to balance this design objective with the need to provide pertinent information and pathways to deeper information the user is looking for.

We hope users find the re-designed site to be friendly, informational and interesting. We know that a website is always a work-in-progress, so we encourage you to leave feedback so that we might have better insights on how to continue improving nd updating!

Mobile Workers Are Here Here To Stay

The Mobile Workforce is the “New Normal”!

For years we’ve all heard that “In the future” we won’t be tied to a desk, we’ll be free to work in new and exciting ways.

Well, that day is now.

While having a more mobile workforce offers tremendous advantages in productivity and responsiveness, it also presents it’s share of challenges. How do we make this work?

You’ve heard the terminology… BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. Mobility… Exactly what does that mean to my company? The Cloud… WHAT?

Here at Pacific ConnecTeq we have answers. Check out this video to get an idea of just what we’re talking about.

It’s all about Data and Communications. Storing, Organizing, Retrieving and Using that data efficiently and cost effectively.

Call us today at (562) 800-0260. We’ll help you cut the chains that tie you and your data to your desk, office or… anything!

Cutting the Cost of Office Printing

One of the largest uncontrolled expenses in most offices is printing and copying.

At first glance you may think that each print is only pennies, but don’t be fooled. When multiplied by the thousands of pages printed in the average office, hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month are spent. Some of it is necessary but much of it is simply wasted.

How can you control this out-flow of money without limiting productivity or spending valuable time reviewing usage reports and setting limits?

The answer is quite simple. Many of today’s MFP’s (Copiers to most of us) are capable of using embedded aps, much like a mobile phone or iPad. These aps can fully automate and monitor copying and printing for you.

Imaging you are printing a 90 page document to your desktop printer. Do you know that the cost-per-page is 3.5 cents, but on the larger office MFP it is only 1 cent? The difference on this document alone is $2.25! What if you press the print button and a pop-up askes you:

“You will save $2.25 if you print to the Ricoh MP C4504 instead of the HP. Would you like to route this job to that device?”

Or what if you would like all employees to print 2-sided in order to cut down on paper usage? When they send a single sided print job they can get a similar prompt asking them if they would like to print this job 2-sided and show the corresponding savings, not only in money but environmentally as well.

These are only two examples out of many, but simply multiply this by the hundreds of documents being printed each month and the potential savings really come into focus.

What about reporting you ask?

That’s where things really come together in a verifiable and tangible way. From the administrator’s computer, detailed reports can be generated as desired. This not only shows true savings but provides opportunity to make fine adjustments to the processes in place, further increasing productivity and cost reduction.

Pacific Connecteq, your Authorized Ricoh Dealership is here to help. Call us any time at (562) 800-0260 and we’ll talk with you about just how effective and easy it is to control your costs, increase productivity and be more environmental at the same time.

3 Ways To Cut Your Printing And Copying Costs

The cost of printing and copying documents is one of the highest uncontrolled expenses in many businesses.

Think about Toner Cartridges, if you run out you just buy more. It’s not as if you could simply stop printing until the next budget cycle.

Also, who in your company stops to think “How much is printing these pages going to cost the company”?

Nobody, that’s who.

So, is it even possible to reign in these expenses and make a meaningful reduction in costs? The good news is that it truly is. Furthermore, it’s likely to be easier than you think.

We’ve compiled a short list of simple actions you can take today which can reduce your printing costs by 10, 20 even 30% right away. By doing these things and setting up a few simple procedures you will begin to enjoy a more economical printing environment right away.

  1. If your printer, copier or MFP is capable of printing in color, simply set the default mode to “Monochrome”. Most people don’t realize that a color print can cost ten times what a black-and-white print does. In order for this to be most effective you will need to set the “Copy Default to monochrome and then do the same thing with every computer that has printing rights to that device. Users will still be able to print in color when they need to, but unless they actively choose color they will get a B & W print.
  2. Use Access Codes and Quotas. Many of the better copiers and MFPs on the market today offer you the ability to require a user code in order to print or copy from the device. This allows you to do two things. First, by requiring user codes you will automatically stop unauthorized users from using your equipment and supplies. Secondly, you can generate reports to see who is printing and at what volumes. Many prints are made every day which never needed to be made. Having to use a code makes people think twice before they push the Print-Button.
  3. Set your copier or MFP to “Hold Print” as a default. The “Hold Print” (or some similar name on various models) will hold the print job in its memory until a “Release Code” is entered at the control panel. This not only reduces wasteful printing, but adds a layer of security by not releasing the document until the proper recipient is physically present to retrieve it.

These are just three ways to cut your printing costs but there are many more.

If you’d like to learn more and begin the journey to a more efficient, secure and economical printing infrastructure in your business, please call Pacific Connecteq at (562) 800-0260 or Contact Us Here.

Help! Why Are My Scans So Slow?

I visited with a prospective client today and I heard a very familiar complaint.

This particular client is a good sized Law Firm and they scan EVERYTHING!

We were sitting in a very well appointed meeting room, at a conference table as long as a limousine when she asked me a question I’ve been hearing more and more as of late.

“My scans used to get to my computer, or through email so quickly, but now they are taking so long. Why?”

I told her there are two main reasons why this can happen. The first reason is that older scanners use older scanning drivers, which may not completely communicate properly with Windows 10. New models use compliant drivers and scan much more quickly.

Secondly, older copiers and MFPs like hers tend to have 10/100 Ethernet connections as opposed to new models featuring Gigabit throughput. The difference in performance is night-and-day. As we continue to scan more, the speed or lack of speed can be quite noticeable.

So what’s the solution?

The solution to faster scanning is really quite simple, and logical. If you are connecting old technology to a modern network, the weakest link will create a bottleneck and slow the entire system down. There is really no way around this.

This should be good news in all actuality. An MFP which offers faster scanning and printing will not only reduce frustration, but will optimize your infrastructure and help to make your entire staff more productive and efficient.

If your copier/scanner is slowing you down, or if you’d just like if there is something better out there (there is!) just give us a call here at Pacific Connecteq (562) 800-0260. We’ll be happy to help!

Google Cloud Print

Introducing The Ricoh App for Google Cloud Print

An embedded application for Ricoh MFPs. Enabling printing via Google Cloud Print!Google Cloud Print

  • Supports mobile worker productivity by providing the ability to print from mobile devices
  • Supports printing from Chromebooks, PCs and MacsUsing Ricoh App for Google Cloud Print

Work When, Where and How you want to!

Pacific Connecteq is here to assist you in putting it all together. From the right equipment and applications to professional installation and service, we are here all the way.

Call us at (562) 800-0260 to find out how to cut the cord today!

Ricoh P3500 adds HD to uniquely portable business videoconferencing system

The Ricoh P3500 Video Conferencing System just keeps getting better!

Source: Ricoh adds HD to uniquely portable business videoconferencing system

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily accessible for up to 20 remote locations
  • High-quality audio and HD video for clearer communications
  • Simple, intuitive interface for convenient operation

Share information virtually anywhere at any time

It’s a common scenario: You want to share critical information with your customers and employees, but you don’t have the time or budget to meet everyone in person. Now, you can share your message virtually with audiences in up to 20 locations. Say goodbye to one-dimensional presentations that put everyone to sleep. Instead, combine video, audio, text and interactive media to bring your presentations to life. You can take the UCS with you and set up in moments – no need to worry about lugging around a big piece of equipment.

Contact us here at Pacific ConnecTeq for a demonstration of to get more information on the Ricoh P3500!

New Ricoh Black and White Copiers are Here!

The New RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series Black and White Copiers and MFP’s

Ricoh Copier

Ricoh has introduced three terrific new black and white copiers, or multifunction MFPs for offices and workgroups wishing to improve their information mobility in the new age of work.

Pacific ConnecTeq is proud to offer and support these great new models!

Get a Quote

In addition to streamlining 11” x 17” printing, scanning, copying and optional faxing, the new
RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series enables easy document printing from mobile devices, cloud-based document management, and promotes cost reduction through energy efficiency.

Rob Scalfaro, Vice-President of Pacific ConnecTeq said “These new Black and White Copiers and MFP’s are absolutely, spec for spec, the best models on the market today!”

The new Ricoh Black and White Copiers, which print at 40, 50 and 60 pages per minute respectively, offer up to 1,200 dpi in a space-saving eco-friendly design. A standard 220-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF) scans up to 180 color or black-and-white images per minute from paper documents, optionally creating text-searchable PDF files through optical character recognition (OCR).

These MFPs are designed to help organizations achieve new levels of information mobility by easily placing important business information in the right workers’ hands at the right time.

One of the major Buzz-Words for 2015 is mobile computing. The RICOH MP 4054/MP 5054/MP 6054 Series enables workers to use the new Ricoh Smart Device Connector app (available for iOS or Android) to copy, print, scan and fax directly from their smart device. They simply touch their smart device to the NFC tag on the MFPs’ optional Smart Operation Panel or scan the QR Code to automatically connect to the MFPs to access these functions.

One of the MFPs’ most popular options is the Smart Operation Panel, which offers users a tablet-like drag-and-drop, pinch-flick-and-swipe navigation experience on a 10.1-inch Super VGA display. The interface includes an advanced Web browser enabling connection to Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE).

The series’ energy-efficient engineering softens its environmental impact, earning the platform ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold certification. The optional Smart Operation Panel includes an eco-friendly indicator to warn of excessive paper usage, resulting is huge cost savings. A range of authentication options, including card authentication and PIN code, help ensure information gets to the right people. The new MFPs include a wide variety of finishing options to suit any office environment.

The MFPs are available now and the pricing is spectacular.

Get a Quote

For details on Ricoh’s full line of products, services and solutions, please visit Pacific ConnecTeq, or call us at (562) 800-0260 today!

Ricoh Smart Device Connector

The Ricoh Smart Device Connector

The easy way to connect to MFPs* from your smart device.

*MFP must be equipped with the optional Smart Operation Panel.

RICOH Smart Device Connector lets you connect smart devices and multifunction products with just a tap!

If you have an NFC-equipped Android device, by just touching the multifunction printer, you can easily connect to it without having to perform any troublesome equipment registration in advance. Complete the connection by just touching the Android device on the NFC tag attached to the multifunction product operation panel.

Connecting with just a touch, you can also directly use the smart device’s address book. With the flexibility for utilization not only in the office but also in public spaces and other external environments as well, this app will contribute to the realization of the unrestricted work styles made possible by smart devices.

If you have an iPhone you’re in business too! You can connect by just scanning a QR code!

By just scanning with your iPhone the QR code displayed on the multifunction product operation panel, you can easily connect to it without having to perform any troublesome device registration in advance.

Print photographs and documents

You can print photographs and documents stored on a smart device*. This is convenient because the settings can be made with the smart device and the printing can be done directly by the multifunction product, all without using a PC. Use this capability when you want to hand out documents or photographs, and when characters are too small and difficult to see on your smartphone screen, by simply printing them out to get a better look.

In the same manner as when printing from a PC, you can specify number of copies, b/w or color, paper size, etc. In addition, the security features mean that you don’t have to worry when printing confidential materials.

Scan materials and then save and transmit the data

After scanning paper documents on a multifunction product, you can directly save the data on a smart device so it can be viewed anytime and anywhere. Settings such as file format, resolution, and scanning size can be specified. In addition, it is also possible to send the scanned data (via the multifunction product*) to an email address designated in the smart device address book.

Make copies with operations performed on a smart device

It is also possible to make copies by performing operations on a smart device. Copy settings (number of copies, b/w or color, simple or duplex, etc.) can be specified, and you can save frequently used settings as programs.

Send a fax from a smart device

Specifying the settings on a smart device, faxes can be sent (via the multifunction product*) to fax numbers designated in the smart device address book. Settings such as document type, resolution, and paper size can be specified.

Find Out More

To learn how Ricoh Smart Device Connector can help your company to work smarter simply call Pacific ConnecTeq today at (562) 800-0260.

RICOH Smart Device Connector App for iPhone

Download directly from the App Store using your iPhone device.appstore
*iTunes installation is necessary.
RICOH Smart Device Connector

RICOH Smart Device Connector App for Android based devices

Download directly from the Apps section on the Google PlayTM.googleplay
RICOH Smart Device Connector

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